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Spiny Gourd /Kantola

Teasle gourd or Kantola is available across most parts of India during monsoons. Some may know it is as Akakarkaya , spiny gourd ,kekrol, kakrol, bhat korola, kartoli  ,Metha Karela etc .One cannot deny the health benefits of this vegetable. It belongs to the bitter gourd family but is not bitter in taste  but it tastes  delicious.

Health Benefits of the Kantola Vegetable-

     Rich in Proteins and iron .
     High in fiber and anti-oxidants and thus very useful for easy digestion
    Reduces blood sugar level in diabetic patients
    Reduces the chances of cancer
    Helps anti-aging
    Improves eyesight
    Reduces excess sweating (Hyperhidrosis)
   It exhibits anti-allergen and analgesic properties  that provide relief from cough and cold and also     prevent it.
   Lactating mothers can eat this veggie to decrease the problem of vomiting in infants.
  Great source of phytonutrients and low in calories
  Helps in weight loss as it contains very less calories .If we eat 100 gms of this kantola curry we get   only 17 calories.

How to use Kantola

The fresh green colored variety of this vegetable is edible. The skin packs a lot of nutrients and hence should not be removed while cooking.

Definitely include this vegetable in your diet and get its benefits.

Chintakaya Pachadi / Raw Tamarind Chutney is a tangy chutney prepared using raw tender Tamarind or fresh Tamarind, which is very famous in Andhra and Telangana households.This chutney is Lip smacking and is simply delicious with hot piping plain rice.

Ingredients :-

Raw tamarind : 15 to 20
Green chillies - 10
Salt to taste
Asafoetida / Hing - a pinch
Split Urad Dal -1/4 tsp
Mustard seeds - 1/4 tsp
Cumin seeds _ 1/4 tsp
Oil - 2 tsps
Curry leaves - 1 springs.


1) Wash thoroughly raw tamarind  and green chilles under running water .
2) Dry them fully. Wipe the tamarind pieces with cloth to remove the water. Cut in to pieces.
3) Grind all the ingredients green chilly, salt, raw tamarind in a mixer or blender to get the coarse texture.

4) Adjust the seasoning.
5) Add Oil to Kadai, add mustard seeds when it splutters then add cumin seeds , urad dal , hing ,curry leaves.
6) Add grounded Tamarind chutney to this seasoning , mix well and fry for 1 minute and switch off the flame.

7) Chutney is ready to eat or store.
8) Serve it with hot rice and dollop of ghee..


 Raw tamarind should be tender one otherwise it will have seeds.
You can either fry green chillies with/without oil or you can use raw ones.
The shelf life of this pachadi is 3-4 days without refrigeration and 10-14 days with refrigeration.

Ganesh Chaturthi / Vinayak Chaturthi / Vinayaka Chavathi is one of the biggest festivals celebrated all over India with great pomp and serenity. This year Ganesh Chaturthi falls on 13th September 2018.Lord Ganesha the God of Wisdom ,Prosperity ,the remover of obstacles and sorrows is welcomed with much devotion for the 10 days celebrations.

 The recipes which are prepared during Ganesha Chaturthi festival varies from state to state.We all know that Lord Ganesha is a God who loves to eat. That is why, the celebration comes with the preparation of variety of special sweet recipes on this occasion, with the most popular one being "Modaks and Ladoos".

 Here are some of the delicious , quick and easy recipes, you can prepare for Ganesh Chaturthi as Naivedyam / offering / Prasadam to Lord Ganesha.

Click on the Names for  detailed Recipes :

 Kaju Besan Khoya Ladoos                 Seasame Seeds Modak                  Mawa / Pedha Modaks

Dry Fruits Modak                                           Ukadiche Modak                         
Daliya Ladoo                                                      Aval / Poha  Ladoo                                  Medu Vada                               

May Lord Ganesha destroy all your worries, sorrows and tensions and fill your life with love and happiness. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all of you !!!

Ganesh Chaturthi / Vinayaka Chavithi  is the festival celebrated on the birthday of Lord Ganesh .A modak is a sweet dumpling popular in Western, eastern and Southern India.  Modak is believed to be the favorite food of Lord Ganesha. During the Ganesh Chaturthi puja twenty-one modaks are offered as offering to the deity.
                          In India many kinds of modaks are made. Steamed modaks with different different fillings, fried modaks, semolina modaks, wheat flour modaks, mava modaks, chocolate modaks ,Motichoor modaks, Besan modaks etc.  Try these delicious modaks on this Ganesh Chaturthi.
 Here are the variety of  Ganesha’s favorite Modaks.

Click on the Names for Recipes  

 Modak with Seasame Seed Jaggery /Til gur Stuffing



                                                                        Dry Fruits and Nuts Modak

                                                                          Mawa Modak / Pedha Modak

Ganapati Bappa Morya !!!

May this Ganesh Chaturthi bring peace upon the land and lots of love between people.
Happy Ganesh Chaturthi !!!

Modak is a very popular offering / neivedyam recipe for lord Ganesha during Ganesha Chaturthi. There are different way one can make a modak. Today i have used dry fruits and dates to make the modak.  Its a very quick and healthy recipe, which can be made in 15 minutes .
These dry fruits modak make a great treat during festive season.

There is no cooking required. Only the ingredients and grinder or mixer  and modak mold is required.

There is no added sugar in the modak. The sweetness comes from the dates. These Delicious Dry Fruits Modak are Ganesha's favorite treat which are  healthy,  guilt-free, sugar-free indulgence for this festive season !!!

You can check the entire collection of Ganesh Chaturthi Recipes here.

Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: Indian
Serves:  15-18


More Modak Recipes

Ukadiche Modak With Coconut Jaggery Filling
 Ukadiche Modak with Seasame Seed Jaggery /Til gur Stuffing
Fried Modak
Til Modak / Sesame Seeds Modak 
Mawa Modak /Peda Modak


    Almonds- ¼ cup
   Walnuts- ¼ cup
   Cashewnuts - ¼ cup
   Soft dates- about 15 ( add more if you like it more sweeter) (seeds removed)
   Raisins -  ¼ cup
   Ghee - 1 tsp (optional)
   Green Cardamom- 2 pods ( finely crushed)

  1)  First chop and then dry roast the nuts until slightly golden on a low medium heat for 5 minutes.

  2)  Remove and let cool.
  3)  Finely chop dates and Raisins.
  4)  Mean while crush the cardamom and keep aside.
  5)  Add the toasted nuts in a mixer and grind it to a coarse mixture.

  6)  Now add the dates , Raisins / kismiss  and cardamom and grind till smooth.It will come together like a dough.

  7) If it is not coming together than you can add  1 tsp of ghee and pulse again.
  8)  Remove the mixture into the plate.Mix well.
  9)  you can use a modak mould or you can mould it by hand.
  10)  To shape them by hand, make a lime-sized ball first and then, holding the ball in the palm of one hand, use the fingers of your other hand to pull up the top of the ball, thus forming a fig shape. OR
  11)  Grease the modak molds with ghee.

 12) Take a some mixture, place it in modak mould and press the  mixture with your fingers for a few seconds so that it gets the shape of mould.

 13) Gently unmould and remove the excess modak mixture from the edges of the modak.
 14) Place the modaks over a greased plate/ thali.
 15) Repeat the same with the rest of mixture.

                                                       Serve as neivedaym to Lord Ganesha.

16) Store the modaks in a air-tight container.
17) These should last at room temperature for about 4-5 days.

Dry Fruits Modak Recipe is a festive sweet recipe and also can be served for an after school snack for kids.


1) You can use any nuts and dry fruits of your choice.
2) You can use only dates if you have no dry fruits at all.
2) Modak moulds are easily available in steel utensils shops or online in amazon also.

Hope you all have a glorious festive season ahead and may Ganesha, the destroyer of obstacles grace you with Peace and Love !!!

Ganapati Bappa Morya!!!

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