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Spiny Gourd /Kantola

Teasle gourd or Kantola is available across most parts of India during monsoons. Some may know it is as Akakarkaya , spiny gourd ,kekrol, kakrol, bhat korola, kartoli  ,Metha Karela etc .One cannot deny the health benefits of this vegetable. It belongs to the bitter gourd family but is not bitter in taste  but it tastes  delicious.

Health Benefits of the Kantola Vegetable-

     Rich in Proteins and iron .
     High in fiber and anti-oxidants and thus very useful for easy digestion
    Reduces blood sugar level in diabetic patients
    Reduces the chances of cancer
    Helps anti-aging
    Improves eyesight
    Reduces excess sweating (Hyperhidrosis)
   It exhibits anti-allergen and analgesic properties  that provide relief from cough and cold and also     prevent it.
   Lactating mothers can eat this veggie to decrease the problem of vomiting in infants.
  Great source of phytonutrients and low in calories
  Helps in weight loss as it contains very less calories .If we eat 100 gms of this kantola curry we get   only 17 calories.

How to use Kantola

The fresh green colored variety of this vegetable is edible. The skin packs a lot of nutrients and hence should not be removed while cooking.

Definitely include this vegetable in your diet and get its benefits.


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