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  Lord Ganesha loves sweets. Modaks and ladoos are the favorite sweets of Lord ganesha and often served as naivedhyam or offering to Lord Ganesha.
                           Along with modaks, you can make ladoos like Coconut ladoo, Motichur Ladoo, Besan ladoo, Sabudana ladoo, Boondi ladoo, rava ladoo or  Aval /Poha Ladoo.

                     Aval Ladoo is a quick and easy laddu recipe that you can make within minutes.With just 4 main ingredients poha,Roasted Split Gram  / Daliya , ghee and sugar you can make ladoos in just few mins.
Try making this easy aval ladoos for this Ganesh Chaturthi .

Preparation Time : 10 mins | Cooking Time : 15 mins | Makes : 15 ladoos

 Ingredients :-

Thick Aval  /Poha /Beaten Rice- 1 cup
Chutney Dal / Daliya /Roasted Split Gram /Putnala Pappu - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 1 cup (Adjust according to ur taste)
Melted Ghee - 1/4 cup
Cardamom powder - 1/8 tsp
Cashews - 6  finely chopped



1) First clean the poha and remove any dust if any.

Poha /Beaten Rice /Aval
  2) In a pan, dry roast beaten rice on low flame for 4 mins till nice aroma comes without changing the color of poha. Keep mixing at intervals to avoid browning of poha.Remove to a plate and cool.

Daliya / Roasted Split Gram /Putnala Pappu

3) In the same pan , add daliya / Roasted Split Gram /Putnala Pappu and dry roast for 2 mins on low flame. Remove to a plate .
4) Grind each of the roasted ingredients to a fine powder and keep them each in different bowls. Do not mix them.
5) Then grind sugar and cardamom to a fine powder.
6) In a tsp of ghee add the chopped cashews and fry till golden color.
7) In a mixing bowl add powdered poha, powdered daliya /Roasted Split Gram /Putnala Pappu ,powdered sugar , fried cashews,cardamom powder.Mix well.
8)  Add melted ghee.Mix well and break the lumps formed.Start shaping them into ladoos.
    If you have difficulty in shaping ladoos, add more ghee and make ladoos.

9)  Store in air tight container upto 10 days.

    Tips :-

        Ensure you roast all the ingredients on very low flame. Do not burn them.
        I used thick poha, you can use any variety you have either thick / thin /medium.
        Adding daliya / Roasted Split Gram /Putnala Pappu gives a nice flavour to the ladoos.
        Make sure you break all the lumps, mix well then shape them into ladoos.


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