Wish you all a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year !!!!

Holi is just around the corner and  is the time of celebration and relishing tasty food. This year the festival of colours would be celebrated on 2nd March 2018 and Holika Dahan on 1st March, 2018.Its best time for Get together,party and  family time .Celebrate this colorful Holi with  tasty and simple Holi special recipes .Here We compilled some easy-to-pick and eat items that you'd want to prepare during Holi.

Collection of 15 Holi Special Recipes

So Celebrate this Holi along with some delicious ,easy, lip-smacking, tried-and-tested recipes . 

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1) Dahi Bhalla / Dahi Vada

Dahi vada or dahi bhalle are fondly enjoyed by many on Holi. So prepare  your favourite street snack at home and  serve dahi vada or dahi bhalla chilled as snack or starter. Slurp!!!Here's a recipe of  guilt free dahi vada with zero oil to treat your palates.Try this dahi bhalle recipe also .

2) Chaat

There's no chance you can miss on adding chaat to your table; from gol gappas to Ragada Pattis, Aloo Tikki , Bhel puri ,Samosa Chaat , Aloo Tikki Chola Chaat and sev puri .These are must for celebrating any festivals .

3) Palak / Spinach  Pakoda

These fired fritters made using palak ,chilies, ginger and oil is your perfect Holi food and is definitely easy to make . 

Try Out these Pakoda Recipes also Gobi Pakoda ,Mixed Vegetable Pakoda , Potato Fritters / Aloo Pakoda, Onion Pakodas ,Mirchi Pakoda
4) Thandai 

Holi without festive favourite thandai is not Possible.
Thandai offers instant energy and cools the body.

5)Matar Ki Kheer / Grean Peas Kheer

Matar ki Kheer is unique but delicious, rich ,creamy kheer recipe made from fresh green peas / Matar.It is healthy kheer to satisfy your sweet buds.

6) Puran Poli 

Puran Poli is a traditional sweet served on auspicious occasions in Gujarati, Maharashtra and South Indian houses

7) Kaju Khoya Besan Ladoo

Khoya Besan ladoo is a very easy sweet to make and is popular throughout India, especially at festivals and celebrations.

8) Almond Milk ( Badam Milk)

It is Delicately flavored with cardamom, and nuts .This chilled, cooling drink don't just make it tasty, but also nutritious too.

9) Poori Bhaji /Aloo Puri

Poori Bhaji is a very famous dish that can be found on almost all festive occasions.It is the popular Indian meal served with spicy potato vegetable.

10) Gujiya

Gujiya and Holi are synonymous to each other.This is one of the famous dishes that are the deep fried  stuffed with dairy products and dry fruits.There are many Varations in making Gujiyas.


The sweet rice pudding is a common yet a very tasty dish which is cooked on the occasion of festivals or any special occasions.

12) Coconut Burfis

There are various ways you can make coconut Burfi. It can be made by adding condensed milk, jaggery ,sugar or khoya to grated coconut.Try out  this recipe this holi.

13) Palak Puri /Spinach Puri

This Puris are made with fresh Spinach leaves and whole wheat flour and served with potato masala or pickle and any Chutney.It can be eaten at breakfast, lunch or dinner or can be made specially for guests or for any festivals.

14) Semiya Kesari

Semiya Kesari is a very easy kesari recipe made with vermicelli .It is quick  and  easy to make  and tastes delicious.Its perfect to make on festive occasions.

15)Namak paras

Namak Paras are such a crispy and crunchy snacks suits incredibly for any festive occasion. These delicious snacks make Holi celebrations more special.

Wish You all a Very Happy and Colorful Holi !!!



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