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Maha Shivratri is a festival where people spend the entire day fasting and the entire night worshiping .The word Shivratri literally means “The Night of Shiva.” The Shiva Lingam is worshipped throughout the night with milk, curd, honey, rose water,coconut water etc . Offerings of bael (wood apple) leaves are made to the Shiva Lingam .People chant the mantra, "Om Namaha Shivaya",
            Devotees observe a strict fast on Mahashivaratri. They do not consume anything other than the diet formulated especially for the occasion.Some devotees observe nirahar vrat( meaning not eating food and  drinking even beverages like tea, milk or even water).
          While some people who can't keep nirahar vrat eat a diet which is without anything made with rice, pulses or wheat. The devotees may eat fruits and drink tea, milk or coffee during the fast, if they have not observed nirahar vrat (fasting without the consumption of any form of food).

            Those who fast, diligently follow the set rules as to what can be eaten and what should not be eaten. The food taken during mid-day consists of non-cereal preparations made without using onion, garlic, ginger, turmeric powder,rai etc. Instead ingredients such as cumin seeds, rock salt and chillies are used.  The sweets can be of milk without the use of lentils .  No meal is taken during the night. After a night long worship of the Lingam, the fast is broken the next morning.

Sendha namak (rock salt) is used to prepare the food for the fast. 

Here are some recipes that are suitable for Maha Shivaratri Fasting and which you can prepare easily during the occasion.

Kuttu Ki Puri Sabudana Thalipeeth Sabudana Vada /Sago Vada
http://www.momrecipies.com/2009/09/kuttu-ki-puri-navratri-recipes-fasting.html http://www.momrecipies.com/2009/09/sabudana-thalipeeth-fasting-food.html http://www.momrecipies.com/2009/09/sabudana-vada-navratri-recipes-fasting.html

Sabudana Khichidi Aloo Jeera / Potato curry Peanut curd chutney
http://www.momrecipies.com/2008/11/sabudana-khichdi-sago-khichidi.html http://www.momrecipies.com/2009/09/potato-curry-for-navratri-fasting.html http://www.momrecipies.com/2014/09/peanut-curd-chutney-navratri-special.html

Sago Ladoos/Sabudana Ladoos Apple Halwa Shrikhand
http://www.momrecipies.com/2008/11/sago-ladoo-sabudana-ladoo.html http://www.momrecipies.com/2010/08/apple-halwa-rakhi-special.html http://www.momrecipies.com/2010/12/shrikhand.html

Gauva Halwa /Peru Halwa Papaya Halwa Sweet Potato Halwa
http://www.momrecipies.com/2010/01/guava-halwa.html http://www.momrecipies.com/2014/09/papaya-halwa-navratri-recipes.html http://www.momrecipies.com/2009/09/sweet-potato-halwa-ratalyacha-halwa.html

Sago Payasam /Sabudana Kheer Thandai Badam Doodh /Almond milk
http://www.momrecipies.com/2008/10/sago-payasam.html http://www.momrecipies.com/2010/02/thandai-holi-special-recipe.html http://www.momrecipies.com/2008/05/badam-milkalmond-milk.html


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