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vrat wale aloo or vrat ke aloo are made during Navratri fasting / vrat or during any fastings. This recipe is no onion-garlic recipe. This  potato curry is simple ,tasty and delicious.

This sabzi can be made and serve with pooris or chappatis also any time. There are many variations of vrat ke aloo.

Here I am sharing the way I make this vrat wale aloo sabzi at home.

Ingredients :-

 4 medium potatoes/aloos
 2 green chilies, chopped or paste ( adjust according to taste)
1/2 tsp carom seeds/ajwain
1/2 tsp cumin seeds
2 cups water
2 tbsps oil
2 tsps groundnut powder
Rock salt or sendha namak as required


 1)  First Boil the potatoes.
  2)  Peel and chop the potatoes and  keep them aside.

  3)  Heat oil in a pan.
  4)  Add the carom seeds and cumin seeds and crackle them first.
  5)  Now add the green chilies OR Greenchillies paste and saute for half a minute.

  6)  Add the chopped potatoes and stir.

  7)  Add water, rock salt or sendha namak  and simmer .
  8)  Add Groundnut powder and simmer for a minute
till the gravy thickens a bit..
  9)  Vrat wale aloo is ready to serve.  

 10) These vrat wale aloo goes well with Kuttu ki puris or rotis or singhare ka atta puris or parathas or Rajgira puris or parathas.


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