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Ajwain also known as Carom seeds are rich in calcium and iron. In Hindi it is referred to as Ajwain . Ajwain is also called "owa" in Marathi and "Jawain" in Punjabi , "vaamu" or "oma" in Telugu.It is also traditionally known as a digestive aid, relieves abdominal discomfort due to indigestion and antiseptic.

The primary health benefits of ajwain are:

* Prevents bad breath.
* Reduces toothache.
* Beneficial for a sore throat.
* Provides relief from bronchitis as well as asthma.
* Helps get rid of indigestion.
* Prevents flatulence (gas)
* Enhances appetite.
* Manage vomiting.
* Useful as a laxative.
* Useful for abdominal pain.

While cooking the fried dishes like Pakora,Mirchi Bajji ,samosa and bread pakora , Ajwain is always added in the batter , this helps to digest them properly.

Traditional Remedy:-

Chewing half a teaspoon of Carom seeds /Ajwain along with a little bit of salt can relieve us from stomach upset and gas.


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