Wish you all a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year !!!!

I am so glad to present the round up of "Sweet Series". Thank you all for your delicious contributions and making it a very successful event. It’s because of you all lovely bloggers now we have various varieties of Sweets at one place. I am really very happy and thank you all for your support and encouragement.

Special thanks to enthusiastic bloggers who send me more than 5 entries ..Now, its time to check out the 110 Fabulous and Scrumptious Sweets...

I apologize in case I have missed out any entry..Please leave a comment or send me an e-mail and I will update the same immediately..

Oatmeal Date Squishes by Meeso

Suhiyan by esaiselvi

Sweet Vermecelli by Rupali

Coconut Flavored fruity balls by Sushma

Mint Filled Chocolates by Sushma

Pistachio Chocolate Squares by Sushma

Sellou- Moroccan Almond Sesame Dessert by Sweatha

Simple Rice Sweet by Priyaprashant

Sweet kozhukatai by Priyaprashant

Moong dal and rice sweet by Priyaprashant

Pineapple Kesari by Kamala Bhoopathy

Gulab Jamun by Rajee

Atte ka Halwa - Whear Flour Halwa by Kanchan

Coconut Ladoo by Prasu

Moong Dal Ladoo by Prasu

Sattu maavu burfi by EC

Diamond Cuts by Sheeba

Wheat Puri Paal Poli by Priya Suresh

Suji Cookies by Sudha

Seasame Ladoo by Prasu

Baadusha by Prasu

Banana Flowers by Prasu

Kaju Katli by Prasu

Coconut burfi by Cham

Khova Kajjikayalu by Rajee

Putnala Laddu by Uma

Besan ladoo by Sowmya

1..2..3.. Sweet (Milk coconut Kova) by Sanghi

Badam halwa by Esaiselvi

Besan Cake by Priya Suresh

Kaju Roll / Kaju Katli by Kalyani

Dry Fruits & Nuts Laddo by Kalyani

Rava Ladoo by Kalyani

Kesar Badam Vermicelli Kheer by Kalva

Coconut - Chocolate and Nuts Burfi by Anu

Bhoondi Ladoo by Anu

Besan badam cake by Shanti

Badusha by Vaishali

Badusha by Anu

Jangiri by Anu

Mysore Pak by Anu

Badusha by Padma

Kalakand by Sukanya Ramkumar

Magaja Ladoo by oriya foodie

Vatalya daliche Ladoo by Pari Vasisht

Microwave Milk Peda by Vidya

Boondhi laddu by Shobana

Asoka halwa by Shobana

NanKhatai by Rupali Jain

Pesalu Purnalu(whole moong stuffed balls) by Satya

Besan Laddu by Sailaja

Gulab Jamun by Muskaan

Nankhatai by Homecooked

Honeydew Melon Payasam by Uma

Boondi Laddoo by Priya Suresh

Miada Halwa by Priya Suresh

Badam Burfi by Archy

Badam-Sooji Ki Kheer by Renu

Mung Dal Halwa by Sadhana

Besan ke Ladoo by Sireesha

Semiya Payasam by Kalyani

Kaju Katli by Preeti

Naralipakache ladoo by Preeti

Ranga Alur Puli Pithey by Arundhuti

Doodh Puli by Arundhuti

Mysore Pak by Vidhas

Patishapta Pithey by Arundhuti

Mishti Aloor Pantua by Arundhuti

Narkel Naru by Arundhuti

Chakka Pradhaman by Shobana

Rice Pudding by Arundhuti

Steamed Milk Halwa by Roma Sharma

Sweet Dhokala by Sreevalli

Sweet Halwa by Saraswati

Gulab Jamun by Sreevalli

Badam Halwa by Malarvizhi Sivasubramaniyam

Sweet Coconut Rice by Nivedita

Carrot Halwa by Malarvizhi Sivasubramaniyam

Jeera Poli by Indu

Badam Halwa by Shobana

Cashew Diamonds by Shobana

Bombay Kajas by Shobana

Diwali Legyum by Shobana

Rava Ladoo by Rina

Milk Peda by Valarmathi

Badam Halwa by Nandini

Sooji Ladoo by Shifa

Jangiri by Nandini

Cashew Burfi by Vidhas

Karanji /Kajjikayalu by Sireesha

Shankarpali by Sireesha

Motichoor Ladoo by Sireesha

Broken Wheat Halwa by Sireesha

ABC Halwa by Sireesha

Sweet Potato Halwa by Sireesha

Moong Dal Ladoo by Sireesha

Watermelon Skin Halwa by Sireesha

Sakhar Bhaatby Sireesha

Bottle Gourd Halwa by Sireesha

Sweet Pongal by Sireesha

Rava Ladoo
by Poornima
Besan Ladoo by Poornima
Shankarpali by Poornima
Kajukatli by Poornima
Bhoondi Ladoo by Sumathy
Rose Coconut Ladoos by Sudha


  1. Archy said...
    wow, such a nice round up with so many entries.. bookmarked..
    my kitchen said...
    wow great round up sireesha, Collection of yummy sweets
    Sailaja Damodaran said...
    lovely round up....
    Nivedita Thadani said...
    great round up for people with sweet tooth. And I am one of them, Thanks for sharing many sweets in one page.
    vidhas said...
    Awesome round up!!
    Padhu Sankar said...
    Neat presentation.What a collection of yummy sweets in one place .New comer here .Do visit http://padhuskitchen.blogspot.com/
    Pari Vasisht said...
    Wow. So many sweets...great round up Sireesha.
    roma said...
    Thanks so much for hosting this event. Nice array of delicacies you've got there.
    EC said...
    Lovely roundup dear...thanks for the efforts
    satya said...
    Good round up.It's a dictionary of all sweets.
    Sushma Mallya said...
    lovely round up with so many yummy sweets...nice one sireesha
    Vikis Kitchen said...
    Wow ..thats a wonderful roundup. You have done a great job dear.
    Padma said...
    Nice round up Sireesha... so many varieties of delicious sweets :)
    Sanghi said...
    delicious roundup dear!
    Khaugiri said...
    Just GR8!!! Thanks for the sweet treat:)
    Raks said...
    Wow! Great job! Somany sweet at one place,Sorry that I cud not participate!
    Sreelekha Sumesh said...
    Hi Sireesha.Thanks alot for ur lovely comments:) beautiful round up with yummy and tempting sweets..
    Rohini said...
    Great round-up dear..! Commendable effort! :)
    Unknown said...
    yummy round up..
    Unknown said...
    That was a delicious roundup.... many things to try out...lovely.
    Home Cooked Oriya Food said...
    great roundup and participation too... Dont know where to start - everything looks so good...
    Srikitchen said...
    lovely round up with delicious entries!
    Malar Gandhi said...
    Wow, thats a lovely round up, infact. All sweets in one place, cho chweet.
    Uma said...
    lovely roundup. tempting entries.
    Malaysian Delicacies said...
    Cool roundup.Thx for adding mine.

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