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I love anything made up of Bhindi.This is all time favorite dish of my family.Even my little one likes this curry.This is a very easy,quick and tasty side-dish.People who don't like Bhindi,will also definitely like this dish. Just try it once,you will love this crispy and spicy Bhindi. This recipe is from Hetal's Blog.


  • Bhindi (Okra) 350 g
  • Oil to fry
  • Lime juice 1 tbsp
  • Red chilli powder 1 tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Wash and dry the bhindi and cut it into small round pieces.
  • Heat oil in a pan and deep fry the bhindi pieces till they become crisp.(Take care that they don't get burnt)
  • Once they get fried remove the bhindi pieces and put it in a plate on a tissue paper.
  • Let it cool,then add lime juice,red chilli powder and salt.Mix well.
  • Serve as a side dish with rice.
This recipie is reaching MBP : Less is more hosted by Nupur

Some appreciations:-

Purva Desai ,Sripriya ,Trupti has passed me "Blogging Forever Friend" award. Thank you so much Purva ,Truptiand Sripriya:) I feel honored!!!

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I choose four of my "frequent" (I highlighted this, since I have many ;)) followers to this blog :

Andara Flavors

Mitr_bayarea who is from United States and new to my blog.

Congrats Friends!!!


  1. Cham said...
    Congrats on ur award and really proud to receive it from You :) Love the dry version of okra , great with ur rasam!
    Sum Raj said...
    orka fry looks tempting..its simple and quick....congrates on ur award..
    Laavanya said...
    Fried okra is absolutely yummy.. :)
    Srikitchen said...
    okra fry is nice.... i will also prepare it in the same way and thanks for ur thought ad award sireesha!
    Unknown said...
    okra looks good..love the adition of lime juice in it!!!!congrats on the award!!
    Jaishree Iyer said...
    congrats on yr award.Bhindi Fry looks lovely.. It is my favorite one..
    notyet100 said...
    bhindi looks yum,..ne wone for me,..congrats for the award,..
    Purva Desai said...
    Seems to be a Bhindi season....:)
    Priyanka from Notyet made bhindi, even u and me in a line as well...:)
    Bhindi is my favourite sabji
    Unknown said...
    Okra fry looks tempting.Its my favorite one.....
    mitr_bayarea said...

    Thanks so much for passing this award to me....I will visit your blog regularly.
    Madhavi said...
    Congratulations on ur award and thank you so much for thinkin' f me :))

    Okra look gooooood, I like this way. Tempting entry!!!
    Hetal said...
    hey I am so happy that u made one of my recipes..congrats for ur award.
    Swapna said...
    I have never used lemon juice while frying Okra.. have to try it..

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