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My family is a big pickle fan and off all the pickles they really like lemon pickle a lot .My daughter is crazy for this pickle.This is a very easy recipe with no-oil and no-cooking involve in this pickle and with only 3 ingredients .It's so difficult to resist this tangy, and tongue tickling pickle . Kids will enjoy this pickle very much :-)

Heading towards the recipe of Zero Oil ,no-cooking lemon pickle ...Here


    2 Kgs - Lemon
    3/4 Kg /2 Cups - Salt
    50 gms/ 1/4 Cup - Turmeric Powder


1) Take out a glass or plastic jar that can hold about 1 kilo of pickle.  The jar should be completely dry.It is very important.

2) Wash the lemons and wipe them thoroughly. Make sure there is no water on the skin. Let them dry for some time.

3) Cut them into small bite sized cubes.
4)  10 lemons squeeze them and take the juice in a bowl.

 5)  In a bowl take the cut lemon pieces add salt , turmeric powder and lemon juice which we squeezed and mix all these well.

6) Take them in a clean, dry glass or porcelain jar or plastic jar with tight lid. Keep them tightly covered .Leave them as it is for 15 days.Then open the container and see if pickle is fine.As the pickle gets ready, the lemon pieces get softer.Close the lid again and leave it for about 30 - 45 days.

7) This time period depends on the thickness of lime rinds. If they are thin, they will soften up within a 15 days and if they are thick, they would take at least a month to 45 days.
8) My recipe is prepared with thin skinned, juicy limes and they changed from hard to firmly-soft in a month.
9) Serve and enjoy with curd rice or rice, dal and ghee .


1) Pickling is like making jam. Take extra precaution in using the dry utensils, jars, spoons and your hands. Using the wet or damp things is a sure way to spoil the pickle.
2) Better transfer small quantity in a smaller container which can be used to serve.


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