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This is a Maharashtrian traditional dish. .Eating Aamras and chapati on a hot summer days are a fondest memories of my childhood .The combination of AamRas Puri & Aamras Chapathi is heavenly.. This is not only simple but also very comforting too. You can also eat just by itself as a dessert or You could also top it with ice -cream :)


Mangoes - 6 Medium (Preferably Alphonso mangoes)
Sugar - As required
Ghee - 1/2 tsp
Milk - 1 cup
a pinch of salt to taste


First Soak the mangoes in water for at least half an hour. Press the mangoes lightly with finger tips to loosen the pulp. Remove the tip and take out all the pulp squeezing it by hand. Squeeze the seed and remove all the pulp from it. Put the pulp into a blender.Keep these seeds and cover of mangoes in little water and squeeze them to get maximum pulp from Mango. Add sugar (the quantity of the sugar will depend on the sweetness of the mangoes) , milk ,salt and blend till smooth. Remove into a bowl and refrigerate for at least 1 hour. Add a few drops of ghee in the aamras while serving.Serve Chilled by itself or with hot puris or Chapatis.

Tip:-If you can't find Alphanso Mangoes (Hapus Raja) then use what you can find :-)

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  1. precious said...
    What a lovely dessert! This is what I need this time. Something refreshing.
    hope chests

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