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Raw Rice -2 cups
Moong Dal (yellow or green) - 1 cup
Water - 12 cups
Milk - 1/2 cup
Hing powder -Half tsp
Cumin Seeds- one or two tsp
Black pepper- 5-6
Black pepper powder - 1 tsp
Cashew nuts-10 no
Ginger- 1 inch piece
Turmeric powder- half tsp (optional, if you like the colour)
Clarified Butter or liquified Ghee- four tbsp
Curry Leaves- 10 no (optional)
Salt- to taste


1. Heat Kadai. Dry roast rice and moong dal till they turn hot to touch.
2. Transfer the rice and dal to a container and wash three times in fresh water.
3. Add water four times the quantity of rice and dal and add milk,salt,turmeric powder.
4. Pressure cook for four whistles.
5. Chop the ginger finely and keep aside.
6. Add one table spoon of ghee in the kadai and roast the cashew nuts (halved) till they turn light brown.
7. Add Cumin seeds ,ginger, black pepper ,black peeper powder , hing powder and curry leaves and roast for a minute.
8. Take out the cooked rice and dal mix and mash well using a masher.
9. Add the seasoning to cooked rice and dal and mix well with remaining ghee.
11. Rice Pongal is ready and can be served with coconut chutney.

This is my contribution for WBB-Combi Breakfasts hosted by Masala Magic


  1. Cham said...
    That is confort break or brunch! Looks delicious :)
    notyet100 said...
    looks nice nad healthy..hppy krishna ashtami,..how u dng?
    Laavanya said...
    That's a breakfast I can never say no to... Yummy!
    Unknown said...
    looks delicious...nice picture!!
    Deepthi Shankar said...
    I Love Pongal.. its a yummy wholesome meal ... i usually make 1:1 proportion of dal N rice ..
    Unknown said...
    My all time fav! comfort food :) looks good.
    Paru ... said...
    Pongal looks yumm Sireesha..
    RM said...
    Pongal is a traditional dish isnt it ????!
    Yummmm !
    Best Rgds,
    Sam !
    Ranjani said...
    YUMMM...I Love pongal, and yours looks perfect:)
    Sujatha said...
    Looks like my favorite arya bhavan pongal :) I am drooling.. Interesting to know that you add milk.. will try your way next time..
    Nidhi said...
    Pongal looks good Sireesha!
    Srikitchen said...
    wow1 its looking so nice! i prepare it in the same way but i won't add milk
    Usha said...
    Looks delicious :)
    Purva Desai said...
    pongal looks soo delicious, perfect healthy breakfast
    anudivya said...
    Sireesha, your daughter's videos are so cute.
    Pongal looks great. Were you trying to create a smiley face with the peppers and cashew? Looks cute just in case it was not intended.
    Varun G said...
    Nice post on Pongal. Looking for more on coming days regarding Pongal. Wish u a very Happy Pongal Festival. Want to exchange link with my post.

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