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Eating just one salad everyday is associated with increase in vitamins that boost overall health.This salad contains essential nutrients such as Vitamin C,Vitamin E,Vitamin B-6,Folic acid key nutrients in promoting a healthy immune system and reducing the risk of obesity ,heart disease and other chronic diseases.Salad is rich source of water_soluble vitamins.

Salad can be served as a meal or side dish and made any season of the year.


1/2 - 1 head of leafy green lettuce
Red Bell Pepper (8-10 strips or adj to taste)
Green Bell Pepper (8-10 strips or adj to taste)
Yellow Bell Pepper (8-10 strips or adj to taste)
1 Cucumber
1-2 Medium Tomato (can use Cherry Tomato)
1/4 lb Baby Carrots
Beetroot (use as-much u want)
Onion (Chopped/sliced) (optional)
1 Cup Garbanzo beans/Chickpeas (use as-much you want)
Ranch Salad Dressing
Handful of Croutons
Shredded Cheese


Wash and pat dry all fresh veggies.
Cut lettuce into bite size pieces.
Cut all Bell peppers into 1-inch thin strips.
Thin slice the cucumber.
Cut tomato into bite sie.
Grate beet root.
Slice onion.
Toss all ingredients except dressing and cheese in large bowl.
Add dressing and cheese mix lightly.
Serve immediately.

*Other than lettuce you can use your choice of veggies in salad as much as you like.
*Can top with Peanuts.
*To avoid fat omit peanuts and use low fat baked tortilla chips.

Different colors of veggies make this salad soo Colorful.....


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