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Sodium is necessary in your diet.Your body requires sodium for a variety of important functions and processes. However, too much sodium can affect various body systems.Sodium is commonly found in table salt and in a wide variety of foods both processed and natural. Foods high in salt are usually also high in sodium.Too much sodium may raise your blood pressure (Hypertension).Hypertension, left untreated can lead to  heart attack and stroke.

Your heart, kidneys, and essentially, all of your body systems can be healthier if you follow a lower sodium diet.A low sodium diet can have great health benefits.

The Dash (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) Diet is the most well-known and popular low sodium diets. There are a lot of benefits of switching to a low-sodium diet.Aim for less than 1,500 mg sodium per day.A low sodium food has 140 mg or less in serving.

You can choose to limit the use of canned, processed ,junk foods and frozen foods.You can instead choose to eat healthier foods, such as more fresh fruits and vegetables and prepare foods using other spices.
Some of the foods that one should avoid while on the Low-Sodium Diet include the following:

    Foods from fast-food restaurants that are high in sodium and fat content.
    Processed foods high in sodium
    You should also avoid sauces, ketchup's and pickles as they have high sodium content.
    Junk foods and snacks as they are always high in salt.

Substitute for Sodium in Meals :

Salt can add flavor to any meal, so as a substitute for salt instead use herbs and spices to make your food more palatable and enjoyable. Some other substitutes that can be helpful are lemon juice,pepper,paprika,Cumin,Cinnamon,Nutmeg,garlic,oregano,vinegar etc.

Eat Less Salt / Sodium and be Healthy !!!


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