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Rice flakes / Avil / Poha /Attukulu - 1/4 cup
Raw Rice - 1 cup(anything is fine)
Butter milk /yogurt - 2 cups (should be sour)
Fenugreek seeds / Mentulu/ Methi seeds- 1 tsp
Baking Soda - 1/4th tsp
Salt - to taste


1) Wash the rice flakes, rice and soak them together in butter milk or yogurt.If you are adding yogurt then dilute it with water.Remember not to add too much water.But very important is Yogurt / Butter Milk should
be  sour, else the batter will not ferment. Let it soak overnight or for 7-8 hours.

2)Then next day grind it to a fine paste without adding much water.Do not add too much water just add enough water to grind.See that batter should be thicker then dosa batter.

3)Remove in a vessel and add the salt and baking soda and mix well.

4)Keep it for 12 hours or overnight  for fermentation.

5) Heat griddle or tawa in medium heat, cut onion into half and rub on griddle( This makes dosas to come off without sticking to pan )Pour a laddleful of batter. DO NOT SPREAD, and let it cook gradually over medium heat.No need to spread it as it is a thick and fluffy type of dosa.

6)Keep it covered and after a few seconds pour a little oil around the edges of the dosa and cover it again till it is cooked.

7)After a few minutes, turn the dosa. Keep it covered again.

8)Remove when both sides are done or till it is slightly roasted.

Serve hot with coconut chutney , tomato chutney ,allam pachadi (Ginger chutney) or saagu.


  1. Daisy Roshan said...
    sponge dosa is very soft and yummy....nice color also...
    anu said...
    the set dosa is an amazing Indian Snacks, looks yum.
    Exquisite Recipes said...
    Hi Sireesha,today i made this set dosa.It turned out great.very soft and spongy..myself and my hubby enjoyed these them alot.Now onwards i'm gonna follow the same recipe for "set dosa".

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