Wish you all a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year !!!!

I am so glad to present the round up of my first event Soup 'N Juice. I would like to thank all the bloggers who participated in the event. Special thanks to enthusiastic bloggers who send me more than 5 entries .Now, its time to check out the 146 Fabulous and Luscious recipes in the order in which the entries were received. Today I will randomly select 10 recipes (using http://www.random.org ) and will conduct voting for the next 7 days.

I apologize in case I have missed out any entry..Please leave a comment or send me an e-mail and I will update the same immediately..


1. Butternut Squash Soup by Sailaja
2. Watermelon Skin & Carrot soup by Sailaja
3. Rose petal & Spring Onion Soup by Sailaja
4. Moongh dhal & Lettuce Soup by Sailaja
5. Broccoli & Parsley soup by Sailaja
6. Butternut Squash Soup by Padma
7. Rajma Soup by Padma
8. Mushroom Soup by Kamala
9. Pomegranate Soup by Sweatha
10. Cabbage soup by Anuradha
11. Tomato and basil soup by Anuradha
12. Cream of Mushroom Soup by Sushma
13. Carrot Soup by Nithya
14. Brocolli soup by Prathibha
15. Brocolli Soup by Aruna
16. Tomato Soup by Aruna
17. Beetroot Soup by Aruna
18. Tomato and fava bean soup by Gita.
19. Tomato soup with barley and pasta by Gita.
20. Black bean soup by Gita.
21. Spinach and barley soup by Gita.
22. Tomato and basil soup by Gita.
23. 16 beans and pasta soup and red bell pepper soup by Gita.
24. Middle Eastern lentil soup by Gita.
25. Lima bean soup by Gita.
26. Kale and white bean soup by Gita.
27. Cream of mushroom soup by Pavithra
28. Summer vegetable soup by Pavithra
29. Paneer soup by Pavithra
Corn Soup by Pavithra
31. Cabbage Soup by Shama
32. Beetroot Soup by Shama

33. Tomato Soup by Shama
34. Mixed veggie Soup by Shama
35. Dhal Tomato Soup by Sanghi
36. Pepper Soup by Sanghi
37. Garlic Tomato Soup by Sanghi
38. Pumpkin -Carrot soup by Prathibha
39. Tortilla soup by Pavithra
40. Pumpkin Soup by Pavithra
41. Barley Soup by Viki
42. Pasta Soup by Viki
43. Tomato Herb Soup by Lata Raja
44. Cream of Mushroom Soup by Purva
45. Beet Root Soup by Purva
46. Cabbage and Mushroom Cream Soup by Purva
47.White bean soup by Priya
48.Tomato Shorba by Jaishree
49. Sweet Corn Soup by Nandini
50. Carrot Tomato Celery Soup In Coconut Milk by Muskaan
51. Tomato Pasta Soup by Nandini
52. Hot and spicy onion soup by Sowmya
53. Mediterranean Tomato Soup by Parita
54. Palak soup by Jyoti
55. Maggi Noodle soup by My Experiments & Food
56. Harira(Moroccan Soup) by Priya
57. Easy Vegetable Nooles Soup by Mythreyi
58. Fresh Tomato Soup by Mythreyi
59. Vegetable soup by Nandini
60. Leek and Potato Soup by Pari
61. Moroccan Shorba by priya
62. Vegetable soup with pasta by Ambika
63. Mushroom soup by Lissie
64. Samo Seed Soup by Nisha
65. Curried Cauliflower Soup by Supriya
66. Quinoa Veggie Soup by Supriya
67. Palak Soup by Preeti
68. Mushroom Soup by Renuga and Gayatri

Smoothies /Milkshakes

69. Cookies 'N Berry Shake by Uma
70. Nutty Choco Fudge by Chaitra
71. Creamy Pista Milk Shake by Chaitra
72. Banana Smoothie by Jyoti
73. Mango milk shake by Anuradha
74. Banana Strawberry milkshake by Anuradha
75. Strawberry soy milkshake by Anuradha
76. Blueberry and soy milkshake by Anuradha
77. Chocolate Milkshake by Sanghi
78. Mango Milk Shake by Padma
79. Strawberry - banana smoothie by Sushma
80. Star Granate Shake by Nithya
81. Jack and Jill Shake by Nithya
82. Melon Scotch by Nithya
83. Kiwi Shake by Nithya
84. Mango Milkshake by Rekha Shoban
85. Strawberry Smoothie by Vidhya
86. Strawberry-Banana Smoothie by Prathibha
87. Oats n fruits power shake by Prathibha
88. Banana Smoothie by Sanghi
89. Dates Milkshake by Aruna
90. Badam Milk by Aruna
91. Strawberry Milkshake by Pavithra
92. Slushy Strawberry Smoothie by Purva
93. Carrot Milkshake by Priya
94. Rosemilk With Caramel Jellies by Priya
95. Chocolate, Strawberry N Banana Milkshake by Priya
96. Cornflakes&Banana Milkshake by Priya
97. Mango Smoothie by Shanthi
98. Banana Shake by Faiza Ali
99. Mixed Berry Shake by Lakshmi Venkatesh
100. Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie by Jaishree
101. Super Nutritious Berry Smoothie by Muskaan
102. Date & Nut Milk Shake by Sadhana
103. Chikoo Choco Shake by Kanchan
104. Cardamom Flavoured Lychee Shake by Priya
105. Figs and Nuts milkshake with honey by chaitra
106. Mango Mastani by Preeti
107. Solkadhi by Preeti
108. Banana Smoothie by Renuga and Gayatri

Juices /Lassi

109. Strawberry Lassi by Prathibha
110. Watermelon cooler by Prathibha
111. Bonda Juice by Prathibha
112. Prunes Lassi by Sailaja
113. Aam Panna by Nithya
114. Watermelon Juice by Valar Mathi
115. Coco Jumbo by Shubhada
116. Watermelon Juice by Oriya Foodie
117. Sparkling Strawberry Cider by Muskaan
118. Mint-lemon and ginger juice by Anuradha
119. Mango Lassi by Vidhya
120. Mango Juice by Vidhya
121. Watermelon Juice by Vidhya
122. Promegranate Cooler by Lata Raja
123. Mosambi Juice by Nandini
124. Cucumber Drink by Aruna
125. Dill Buttermilk by Pavithra
126. Mango Lassi by Pavithra
127. Go Green Mocktail by Pavithra
128. Mango lassi by Renu
129. Tomato Juice by Saraswathi
130. Rose Milk by Saraswathi
131. Tiranga Juice by Purva
132. Virgin Pina Colada by Purva
133. Fresh Pineapple juice by Priya
134. Triple Duet by Lata Raja
135. Lassi by Priya Prashant
136. Tomato Juice by Sanghi
137.Carrot Juice by Sanghi
138. Carrot-Beetroot Juice by Jaishree
139. Spiced Buttermilk by Jaishree
140.Mango Lassi by Jaishree
141. Cucumber Sweet lime Juice by Priya Prashant
142. Mango Lassi by Shri
143. Moroccan Almond Milk by Priya
144. Jallab by Rekha
145. Watermelon Juice by Supriya
146. Kokmok by Preeti

My Entries For the Event:

Curried Carrot Soup
by Sireesha
Tomato Soup by Sireesha
Sweet Corn Soup by Sireesha
Apple Banana Milkshake by Sireesha
Orange Banana Smoothie by Sireesha
Apricot and Almond Delight by Sireesha
Strawberry Smoothie by Sireesha
Badam Milk by Sireesha
Strawberry Shake by Sireesha
Lemonade by Sireesha
Raspberry Lemonade by Sireesha


  1. Sailaja Damodaran said...
    wow !!!!! excellent.Waiting for the best 10 entries......
    Unknown said...
    Hard work there...lots of soup & shakes....anyone can diet on this...keep rocking..
    Jeyashris Kitchen said...
    wow so many entries. superb srireesha.surely will be useful to all
    Nandinis food said...
    Wow! Wonderful round-up! Slides are beautiful! Great job!
    Shanthi Krishnakumar said...
    Awesome roundup. Congrats on your event 's success.
    Sanghi said...
    Hi sireesha, lovely roundup! Waiting for the 10 entries..!
    Shri said...
    Great roundup,Sireesha!
    Vidhya said...
    All of them look so good Sireesha. Looks like I need atleast a week to check out all of those recipes. Thanks once again for doing this...
    Khaugiri said...
    Simply GR8!!!!!! Wonderful roundup!!!!!
    chef and her kitchen said...
    Nice round up
    Uma said...
    lovely round up Sireesha! Yummy entries :)
    Pari Vasisht said...
    congrats Sireesha for that huge round up nd all the efforts that you have put in.
    Priya Suresh said...
    U have great efforts for ur roundup Sireesha, beautiful presentation..Excellent roundup..
    Parita said...
    What a fantastic roundup!!!! congrats!
    Raks said...
    Wonderful job Sireesha! I did wanted to participate:( But i dint had any recipes in my blog also dint made any recently!! But this will help me a lot!
    Aruna Manikandan said...
    Hi Sireesha,
    Wonderful roundup.....
    Nice to see all these entries
    Great and good job
    Kanchan said...
    Wonderful round up !
    Next time if I want to search soups - beverages - I know where to do :)
    lubnakarim06 said...
    Awesome roundup dear....
    Unknown said...
    nice round up..
    Sushma Mallya said...
    lovely round up....
    notyet100 said...
    wow,..so mny to choose from,...good job Sireesha and happy festival,..
    Nithya said...
    Cool roundup. I was seriously wondering how you are gonna handle so many entries. But this is the most brilliant and interesting way you could do it. :) hats off
    Gita Jaishankar said...
    Wow so many entries...great job Sireesha :)
    Raje said...
    Great work sireesha and wonderful entries
    Jyoti V said...
    OMG what a round up..Congrats dear gr8t job done !
    Anonymous said...
    Appreciate your hard work to make this round up a great success da. Nice job done.
    Padma said...
    Wonderful round up Sireesha... great work done... all the entries look so delicious ...
    Purva Desai said...
    refreshing, healthy and awesome round up
    lissie said...
    Hats off to you, Sireesha! great job...wonderful entries!

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