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Nimbu Paani is a delicious thirst quencher made from freshly squeezed lemons, salt and sugar. It has a clean and refreshing flavor and is rich with vitamin C.
Cool down on a hot summer day with this very refreshing drink. It's lemonade with an Indian twist!

* Juice of 4 lemons
* Sugar/honey to taste
* 2 tbsps Jaljira powder (available at most Indian groceries)
* Chilled water
* Crushed ice
* Lemon slices to garnish


1) Squeeze all lemons to remove juice and strain the juice to remove seeds. Pour into a large jug.
2) Add all the remaining ingredients to get desired strength and sweetness and mix well.
3)Serve in chilled glasses garnished with lemon slices.

Note:-* Nimbu Paani also acts as a great mixer for cocktails specially with vodka.


  1. Anjali Damerla said...
    Thanks Sireesha for visiting my blog.

    Nimbu Pani looks yummy. Adding Jaljeera powder really makes it delicious. But when I don't have Jaljeera powder handy, I add little bit of cardamom :) Try it someday. Its a interesting twist.
    Uma said...
    Wow, lemonade looks so refreshing! Lovely pic. too. Thanks for visiting, sireesha! YOu have a wonderful blog with so many yummy recipes. Have you registered your blog in Taste of India, so that we won't miss your posts? If not, here is the address:

    Cham said...
    Nimnbu panni , my husb makes it, now i am fan of it... Love ur drink!
    Hetal said...
    Nimbu paani looks so refreshing...I remember at our place in India we make a huge vessel full of nimbu paani during summer..
    vandana rajesh said...
    First time here sireesha...a refreshing drink indeed.
    SASHREE said...
    wow refreshing nimbu pani sireesha.nice summer drink.thanks for sharing
    Swati Raman Garg said...
    hey sireesha... love that click.. it quenches my thirst.. and hey jaljeera... i wud ad some chat masala too ;)
    Anonymous said...
    Hi Shireesha...thanks for visiting my blog.You've got some really good recipes here.The lemonade looks really cool and refreshing! Perfect for summer!

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