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Carrot  Bottle Gourd  Halwa is an authentic dish which is perfect to serve on all occasions and festivals.
Pressure cooker carrot bottle gourd halwa  is the quickest and easiest method  as it doesn’t involve much of standing and stirring as in the traditional method.This recipe can be made just in 30 mins.So if you have sudden guests or the sudden sweet cravings you can try this method of making carrot bottle gourd halwa in pressure cooker.

Type - Dessert
Cuisine - Indian
Serves - 3


    carrot :- 1 cup  (grated or crushed in grinder)
    bottle gourd:- 1 cup ( half piece ) grated or crushed in grinder
    ghee:- 2 tbsp
    sugar:- 1/2 cup
    Milk :- 1 1/2 Cups
    cardamom Podwer:- 1/2 tsp
    For Garnishing:- 1 tbsp of roasted sunflower seeds , raisins ,chopped almonds
    Pinch of saffron soaked in  1 tablespoon lukewarm milk


1) Wash the carrots thoroughly under water. Then peel the carrots and bottle gourd with peeler.

2)  Grate the  carrots and bottle gourd with a grater.
3)  Heat the ghee in pressure cooker on medium heat.

4) Add the grated or crushed carrot and bottle gourd in the pressure cooker and saute for 2 minutes.

5) Now add the milk and mix well. Close the  lid of the pressure cooker and cook till 3 whistles on medium heat.Or you can simmer and leave it for 10 mins.
6) Then let the pressure go down itself then open the lid.

7) When you open this is how it looks.Slightly goey with little milk.Now add the sugar.
8) Stir the mixture and keep the cooker on medium flame.

9) Cook in medium flame until it shrinks. Keep on stirring in between.The moment halwa thickens,add cardamom powder ,saffron with milk and add Ghee and give a continuous stir until halwa slightly changes color and it looks little glossy. Switch off the flame.

10)Garnish with fried raisins ,chopped almonds and sunflower seeds.
    Serve hot ,warm or cold.

Serving Suggestions :-

Serve carrot bottle gourd halwa as dessert after dinner or lunch.
To impress guests ,serve warm halwa with scoop of vanilla ice cream on top .


Ghee can be added to this recipe as per your choice.
Sugar can be added as per your choice.

Less or more dry fruits can be added as per your choice.


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